+ http://catarina.udlap.mx

URL:+ http://catarina.udlap.mx: http://catarina.udlap.mx
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  1. necesito investgar sobre las similitudes entre funcionalismo y estructuralismo

  2. I am a Venezuelan ESL teacher, I am doing my master in English as a Foreign Language and right now I am writing a paper about idioms.
    I found information on the following web page http://catarina.udlap.mx/u_dl_a/tales/documentos/mla/vargas_eb/capitulo4.pdf
    but I would like to quote the source BUT THERE IS NO NAME, TITLE, YEAR, etc.
    Could you please be so kind and tell me the the title, year and author of the study found on that web page? It was very interesting!
    Jackeline Melendez

  3. I am also interested in a paper by catarina.udlap.mx and was wondering if you know the author . Ms. Melendez did you find out?

  4. the info you want is in the same url you posted here. But the url is shorter, it ends on …mla/vargas_eb/

    So the required url should be http://catarina.udlap………mla/vargas_eb/


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